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Shaking out BIM-360 Ops

by nicolem | April 24, 2018 | posted in Uncategorized | No Comments

Michael DuLaney, BIM Manager, UC Health


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I started working for UCHealth, an Aurora, Colorado based healthcare provider, in February 2015 to manage their BIM. It has been a very steep uphill climb but we are making excellent progress in using BIM operationally. One of the initiatives has been to put the models to use by our Facilities technicians. We have a Computer Maintenance and Management System (CMMS) but it does not have any capability to use the models. I am implementing BIM-360 Ops to complement our current CMMS on two hospitals, two medical office buildings, and a hospital expansion. BIM-360 Ops is relatively flexible as we can add custom fields that meet our needs. However, BIM-360 Ops has had some teething problems.

We populated Revit with our custom parameters (fields) but we found they only export to BIM-360 Ops if the parameters have data. Therefore, we had to add placeholder data in the parameters for them to export. Next, we wanted to export the fields from BIM-360 Ops to .csv files to make adding data more efficient. However, the custom fields will not export. We developed a work around where we will export MEP schedules out of Revit, the data can be added, and then we will export it back into Revit. Finally, we will export to BIM-360 Ops. We have also had some synchronization issues. We’ve addressed these issues with Autodesk and they have been helpful but some solutions require more development and will probably not be available by the time we have completed our QR coding process.

BIM-360 Ops is promising and I think it is going to be a good product. However, I believe we are pushing how it is actually being implemented and our feedback to Autodesk will hopefully drive them to enhance its functionality.



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