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August 20-22 | Chicago, IL

Going Digital: Integrating Data, People & Process

by dominicc | May 22, 2018 | posted in Data | No Comments

Andrew Pitcher, BIM Manager, Joeris General Contractors

While looking for a solution to eliminate wasted time and effort in how we collect, report, and share data on projects to and from the field, we have embraced a broader view of how those field processes fit into similar data collection efforts across all our departments. Instead of focusing only on how we could improve field and project processes, we asked, “How do we, as a company, collect and process information?” The answer was easy: We do lots of paperwork.

What to do about it has not been so easy. We could not just eliminate things like time sheets, reimbursement forms, safety citations, or any number of forms that need to be filled out to process payments or personnel information or to document projects. We could digitize them using any number of task specific solutions, but each solution would require management, support, training, and its own icon on whatever platform we used to access it. That would create limitless data entry and collection point, each requiring management, support, and training. Could we find a single solution that could not only be adapted to any workflow, but function on both mobile and desktop platforms while being easy to use and maintain? The answer was surprisingly, “Yes,” but it required looking outside technology tailored to construction, building relationships with new vendors, fostering new partnerships and cooperation between vendors, and implementing a new platform from scratch across our entire company while rethinking how we communicate and do business.

In this adventure, we have made leaps and bounds in integrating not just our data, but our people and processes. We have been able to bring together people from across every department streamline not just the collection and sharing of field data, but the collection and sharing of all of our data. If you would like to learn more about how we arrived at our solution, how we are implementing it, and where we plan to take it, join us at Hanson Wade’s Advancing Construction Technology 2018 this August for all the details.

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