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August 20-22 | Chicago, IL

What Emerging Tools are Really Driving Productivity, Quality and Safety in 2018?

by dominicc | April 11, 2018 | posted in Technology | No Comments

It is so easy to get caught up in the daily pressures of delivering projects to a high quality using safe and established tools and systems. But in an industry being disrupted daily by technological innovation, it is now integral to harness these changes to get ahead of the competition.

But what is out there? How can you do this? What’s the next big thing in construction technology that you need to know about?

These are all questions we have been exploring over the past few months with dozens of Technology and Operations leaders from across the Construction industry, to explore the ways emerging tools are actually being effectively implemented on the jobsite to drive metrics and more efficiently feeding back data to and from the field.

And now, many of these thought leaders will be gathering in Chicago, August 20-22, at Advancing Construction Technology 2018, to share these exciting innovations and experiences to help you expand your technology roadmap this year.

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The business case is strong, the technology is ready. Now we just need to get creative and facilitate open and honest discussion to maximize profitability of these tools across the industry. So if you are the one getting hands-on with new technology, and want to foster a pro-active mind set across your organization, this is a must-have on your calendar this summer!

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