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August 20-22 | Chicago, IL

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The AEC Productivity Revolution

We need a productivity revolution – Now. Jim McCarthy, Director of Preconstruction – VDC & Solutions Engineering, M & W Group It has become an almost academic statement that the global AEC industry is in dire need of a revolution in productivity. Several studies have demonstrated that global construction productivity has been essentially flat since the… Read more

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BIM Automation

Suleiman Alsafuori, Project Manager, Corbins Electric The term “BIM Automation” is often associated with cloud-based and mobile services. In reality, BIM modelers spend more time on the modeling process rather than on transferring information between devices. The modeling process is defined as the time spent translating 2D information or thought into 3D mental model language so that… Read more

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Enhancing Planning & Contracting Stages to Maximize Use of Technology Across All Stakeholders

Travis Voss, Technology Manager for Mechanical, Inc and member of the Construction Progression Coalition (CPC) We’ve all heard it. Construction is going through or poised to go through a digital transformation. It’s time to get onboard and digitize our processes. Many construction companies and vendors have done just that by injecting the industry with new… Read more

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What Emerging Tools are Really Driving Productivity, Quality and Safety in 2018?

It is so easy to get caught up in the daily pressures of delivering projects to a high quality using safe and established tools and systems. But in an industry being disrupted daily by technological innovation, it is now integral to harness these changes to get ahead of the competition. But what is out there?… Read more

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