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August 20-22 | Chicago, IL

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The AEC Productivity Revolution

We need a productivity revolution – Now. Jim McCarthy, Director of Preconstruction – VDC & Solutions Engineering, M & W Group It has become an almost academic statement that the global AEC industry is in dire need of a revolution in productivity. Several studies have demonstrated that global construction productivity has been essentially flat since the… Read more

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Going Digital: Integrating Data, People & Process

Andrew Pitcher, BIM Manager, Joeris General Contractors While looking for a solution to eliminate wasted time and effort in how we collect, report, and share data on projects to and from the field, we have embraced a broader view of how those field processes fit into similar data collection efforts across all our departments. Instead… Read more

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Radio Waves or Bluetooth? The Pros & Cons of Two Sensor Systems Used to Track Worker Movement

John Jurewicz, Director Technology Optimization, Walbridge If you have been watching how various sensor technologies are tracking the movement of workers at the jobsite over the last year, then you may find this article of interest.  Two competing technologies: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) are battling it out, to determine which one… Read more

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From Under-Digitized to Under-Utilized

Kris Lengieza, VP Operational Excellence, Stiles Construction Construction has been plagued with a productivity problem for the last 50 years. We are often pegged as one of the least digitized industries in the world. While no one will dispute these facts I believe things are changing, and changing quickly. Over the last five years I… Read more

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