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BIM Automation

by dominicc | May 15, 2018 | posted in BIM, Technology | No Comments

Suleiman Alsafuori, Project Manager, Corbins Electric

The term “BIM Automation” is often associated with cloud-based and mobile services. In reality, BIM modelers spend more time on the modeling process rather than on transferring information between devices. The modeling process is defined as the time spent translating 2D information or thought into 3D mental model language so that modeling software can understand it. Automating the modeling process can be challenging but not impossible.

After two years of investment, we developed a simple solution called Auto BIM Route that enables computers to think for modelers. The plugin works on Autodesk Revit and is as simple as selecting two points in the model, then a clash-free route will be traced per defined zones. The plugin is also dynamic, as it can deploy Revit Costume Families.

In his “Reviewing Tools & Systems that Can Increase Speed & Accuracy of Clash Detection” session, Dr. Alsafouri will present the value added by using this automation approach. He is not only going to present the time saving and enhancement in modeling productivity, he will also highlight how this software can optimize materials and standardize prefabrication kits for BIM department.

Dr. Suleiman Alsafouri Ph.D. is a published subject matter expert specializing in Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) as well as BIM applications. Mr. Alsafouri’s interests as an academic researcher and Project Manager at Corbins Electric address the continued development of BIM/VDC processes and practices utilizing a composite Virtual and Augmented Reality. Valuation of human behaviors with respect to technology, including monetization of those behaviors as a basis for determining return-on-investment, is a principal underpinning of Mr. Alsafouri’s research.

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