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AboutConference AgendaDay One

Driving Company-Wide Innovation

8:20 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

8:30 am Keynote: Placing Innovation at the Heart of Your Company Culture


  • Discussing approaches to consistently and efficiently champion innovation, win the hearts of the entire team, and provide adequate resources to ensure program implementation at every level
  • Inspiring teams to overcome fear of disruption and failure to remove barriers for future expansion: How can you recover quickly when a new implementation does not go to plan?
  • Developing strategies to harness younger enthusiasts entering your organization to transform the mindset of traditional thinkers to embrace new systems

9:20 am Creating Company Wide Technology Standards to Balance Consistency & Innovation with New Tools


  • Advancing tracking and reporting of implementation of new tools in the field to increase visibility over adoption and overall technological maturity of your organization
  • Creating and assigning organizational standards and metrics for use of individual tools to align understanding of key definitions, proliferate adoption across more projects, and ensure consistency of delivery
  • Balancing standardization and innovation: How can you ensure that technology plans on both an organizational and project level do not restrain innovative thinking and allow flexibility of use?

10:00 am Speed Networking & Morning Refreshments

10:40 am Track Session 1

12:20 pm Lunch Break

1:20 pm Track Session 2

2:40 pm Technology Exhibition Networking & Refreshments


Join our sponsors in the exhibition hall for a few drinks and snacks. This will be your opportunity to discuss new potential uses of emerging tools, and get hands on with some of the great up and coming tools, systems and use cases that push the boundaries of your repository.

Integrating New Technology Capabilities

3:15 pm Breakout: Benchmarking New Learnings & Exploring Unknowns


What have you learned so far? What questions do you still have left unanswered? What more do you want to discover tomorrow? Reflect and discuss your ideas with peers to find out what others have found inspiring.

3:30 pm Integrating Your Technology Eco System: How Do You Plan & Execute an Agile Environment for Systems Integration?

  • Justin McFarland VP IT , McCarthy Building Companies Inc
  • Dave Burns Director of Innovation & Field Applications, McCarthy Building Companies


  • Defining a strategy and approach for connecting your eco system with an understanding of your “sources of truth”
  • Understanding the interplay between innovation and continuous improvement while maintaining a disciplined approach to data management
  • Exploring how teams can establish an agile yet robust data ecosystem to streamline the ease and speed with which new platforms integrate: What does success look like for your organization?
  • Identifying challenges faced with the potential “loss” of project data when expanding your technology strategy and platforms and finding a way to maintain visibility of crucial historical data
  • Understanding the roadmap of existing tools providers and how imminent developments may help improve the overall interoperability of systems

5:00 pm End of Day One