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August 20-22 | Chicago, IL

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Improving Data Management & Asset Tagging to Reduce the Time & Cost of Updating As-Builts Models

Josh Lannen,QA/QC Manager, Bond Brothers

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Discovering How the Field Are Actually Using Data & Collaboration Tools Day to Day

Jonathan Deming, Director of BIM & Construction Technology, EMJ Corporation

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  Oracle Interview: Mark Enstrom, Director, Product Management, Oracle

“The Lean journey can be a bit messy in the beginning because people tend to get stuck in existing paradigms. Our first piece of advice: Don’t give up.”

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Owner Perspective: Implementing BIM From the Beginning

Get a taste of what to expect this year with Michael B. Dulaney, BIM  Manager at UC health’s presentation from Virtual Construction & Field Technology 2016.

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Speaker Interview: Errol Plata, Langley Research Center Facilities Manager, NASA

“If the owner specifies data for all assets in a project, it becomes impossible to find the data that is desirable amongst all the data that is not needed or wanted. Garbage in – Garbage out.”

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Speaker Interview: Wissam Hijazi, VDC Consulting & International Manager, EllisDon

“Our site superintendent relies on 3D virtual mock ups to better understand, define and plan the scope of work with trades and suppliers.”

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