Advancing Field Technology is returning

with more scope than ever before

August 20-22 | Chicago, IL

Day One
Monday, August 20

Day Two
Tuesday, August 21

Focus Day
Wednesday, August 22

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Expanding Your Technology Strategy

Chair’s Opening Remarks

What’s Next?

Keynote: Creating a Strategy to Expand Your Technology Infrastructure & Identify New Value Opportunities in the Field

  • Jonathan Putman VP & Director of Operations Technology, Clune Construction Company


  • Exploring a systematized approach to replace non-value added work with value added work, both identifying opportunities for improvement and finding potential solutions
  • Outlining how you can better structure and manage technology departments to explore new opportunities for investment without negatively impacting operations and other functions
  • Assessing the vendor landscape to better select the solution for you and your team: How do you see through the sales pitch?

Breakouts: Benchmarking Potential Uses of Different Tools & Technologies to Create a Roadmap for Technology Adoption


This hour will be your opportunity to benchmark and discuss perspectives and experiences on various emerging technologies, and explore potential future investment opportunities for your company. The audience will be divided into working groups, each with a different tool or technology to explore in more detail. Discussion points will include:

  • To what extent has this tool already been adopted, and what does the wider adoption roadmap look like?
  • What is the potential for this tool to integrate with existing workflows, and what could be used to improve its integration?
  • What are the major barriers to further adoption? What improvements would you like to see in the future to maximize the potential for this tool?

Tossing the Shackles: Smarter Reality Capture with Edge Computing

  • Matthew Wheelis Global Business Development - Building Construction, Leica Geosystems


The use of 3D Laser Scanning in construction has taken off over the past several years, with an explosion of use cases from existing condition capture, to progress verification, to compliance checks and reports.  This expanding landscape has been the result of innovation in software to consume and process point cloud data, and sensors that are ever more capable and affordable.  Throughout this progression, however, has been a nagging challenge:  scanning takes considerable time in the field – and even more time in the office – when collecting large amounts of data.  This session focuses on the latest innovations that:

  • Accelerate data capture in the field with computer vision and edge computing
  • Provide a step change in speed to deliverable through a re-imagined relationship between field and office
  • Simplify exchange and analysis of data across technologies with consolidated data formats

Morning Refreshments

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10:50 Roundtable: Reviewing the Potential for Sensor Technologies to Enhance Tracking & Safety on the Jobsite

11:30 Spot-r by Triax: Using Real-Time Data to Build Safer & Smarter

Bob Dolan, National Account Manager, Triax Technologies

12:00 CASE STUDY: Exploring How Sensors Can Be Used to Improve Facilities Management for Owners Post Renovation

John Jurewicz, Director Technology Optimization, Walbridge

Download the Event Guide for full session details:

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10:50 Finding Ways to Enhance Data Integration, Mining & Analysis of Big Data in Your Company

Kris Lengieza, VP of Operational Excellence, Stiles Construction

11:30 Understanding Model-Based Sensor Reporting

Connor Christian, Director of Product Services, InEight

12:00 What is a Smart Contract?: How BIM Will Transform Transparency & Procure Trust Between All Stakeholders

Anthony Thompson, VDC & BIM Specialist, New York City Department of Environmental Protection

10:50 Case Study: Exploring the Ways that Machine Learning is Innovating Document Management

Lance Stephenson, Director of Operations, AECOM

11:30 Increase Efficiency, Decrease Risk Through Document Management

Brian Nalls, Senior Product Manager, Penta Technologies

12:00 CASE STUDY: Exploring the Automation of Prefabricated Mechanical Components from Estimate & Modeling Through Installation

David Pikey, VP – Corporate Technology, The Hill Group

12:40 Asset Transparency: Where Does it Matter Most?

Eli Share, Head of Mobile & IoT, Bosch Power Tools

Lunch Break

Maximizing the Potential for Technology Across Project Teams

Leveraging Lessons Learned to Optimize the Technology Adoption Process


  • Strategizing the introduction of a new technology to the field: What should you consider and how do you know when a technology is ready for implementation on the jobsite?
  • Standardizing the process for technology adoption and integration with sufficient flexibility to adapt to each technology you introduce
  • Establishing a review process for continuous improvement and transferring lessons learned to improve the next autopilot, scaling, and expansion

Enhancing Planning & Contracting Stages to Maximize Use of Technology Across All Stakeholders


  • Understanding the capabilities and needs of each party: benchmarking best practices for planning the use of technology from day one to better leverage the technological capabilities of the entire project team
  • Outlining ways to structure and word agreements to focus upon data standards to maximize flexibility for sub-contractors, and encourage industry wide data sharing
  • Identifying vendors with open APIs who will promote technology integration and understanding how this could become an industry standard in the coming years

Exploring the Future of Operations Technology

Afternoon Refreshments

Streamlining the Data Feedback Loop between Departments to Increase Transparency & Optimize Workflows

  • Hitesh Dewan Director of Technology Integration, Roebbelen Contracting


  • Highlighting the importance of continuity of communication across design and operations teams to engage all parties
  • Setting-up collaborative practices to enhance the data flow to and from the field
  • Benchmarking advanced tools and technologies that can be used to enhance data collection, and streamline timely and efficient feedback on project progress to all stakeholders

Panel: What is the Future of Construction Technology? Maximizing the Potential for R&D & Innovation


  • Analyzing the potential for R&D within your own corporation: How do you structure a team and maximize efficiencies of your technology department to ensure that you stay ahead of the curve?
  • Benchmarking best practices for collaboration with external partners such as manufacturers, academics and labs, to extend the rate of technological innovation in the construction industry
  • Reviewing technological advancements of other industries and exploring potential transferable lessons to drive innovation of construction field technology

Chair’s Closing Remarks

End of Conference