Advancing Field Technology is returning

with more scope than ever before

August 20-22 | Chicago, IL

About Event

For the past two years, over 100 technology and operations leaders have gathered in Denver for the Advancing Field Technology conference. Over three days, they had the chance to get hands on with emerging tools and see the practical ways that technology such as drones, AR and mobile devices have been innovating and streamlining data management in the field.

However, new tools are being brought to the construction market daily, and there is now a need to now connect all systems to maximize profitability. Therefore, this scope of this event will expand in 2018 to help teams understand how these tools and technologies can work together across the construction phase to revolutionize all operations from office to field.

Returning as Advancing Construction Technology: Improving Field Productivity in 2018 this event will showcase:

  • Innovative use cases, delivering the A-Z of how various cutting-edge technologies are really being implemented in the field, including mistakes made and lessons learned on the journey to impacting jobsite productivity
  • Creating and expanding a technology roadmap for operations that integrates with existing processes, yet drives innovation
  • Impacting culture and maximizing resources within your corporation to drive buy-in, productivity, and inform real-time decision making to enhance quality

If putting data in the hands of your field workers and ensuring field productivity, safety and quality is part of your focus for this year, then Advancing Construction Technology 2018 is the event for you. Your competitors will be exploring how they can harness the latest technology advances to get ahead of the curve, so make sure you aren’t left behind!

Download your copy of the Full Event Guide to see exactly what you can expect.